Isolate bad press like the virus.

By Deon Aldridge, HEBRON Business Game Changers.

Last week as New Zealand moved form Level 4 to Level 3, we saw a huge drive for consumers to want to purchase despite constant reinforcement of doom and gloom and a looming economic crisis.

Everybody knows that people feel good when they spend and the great news is that there will be, even if temporary a ‘catch up’ of pent up non spending but here are some things that we need to learn and apply from examples last week.

There was confusion around how seriously fast food and click and collect businesses operated, creating some outrage between different businesses and members of the public. It left many people with distinct impression that money was more important than people. So, what do you want your immediate and future customers to think about you and your brand or image in their minds? How you behave now will stick in people’s minds for a long time.

Do you want to be known as a business that cared about its people, customers, staff, and even suppliers, through the shoulder times of readjustment?  To practice ethical standards like encouraging physical distancing, access to hand sanitiser, and be seen to do everything possible to support the fight, is a must. To encourage people to make good use of really economical and efficient delivery options, like New Zealand Couriers, or a recent supplier, a tourist business that has reinvented itself and its people to provide shop to door service at a very low price, without gouging the businesses that provide them work, like some online deliverers do.

What about when you are talking to customers, online, on the phone, or in person? Are you optimistic and positive? Hard as it is to do at challenging times like this, those that spread good cheer and hope are far more likely to come out of this crisis in the best possible shape.

Finally, be grateful. There is lots to not be grateful for and in fact be very annoyed with, but it has been proved in many studies that gratitude is the single biggest remedy for stress. There are many reasons why our situation could be worse in New Zealand, and we have plenty to still be grateful for. Even as I write this I have to push past the “what about ….”  list of why I wouldn’t want to be grateful, but that will eat me up and make me ugly to my staff and customers, and we need everyone we can get.

All the very best to you all as you pull yourself up by the bootstraps, and seize the opportunity to be a brand of positivity and responsibility.

Deon’s consultancy business is one of our latest suppliers. Find out more here.

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