4 Key Messages Your Ecommerce Site Needs During Alert Level 3

We will all remember the day a national lockdown was announced in our wee bubble in Aotearoa.  There were questions and uncertainty in people’s minds as to what the next four weeks would look like. As consumers, we were worried what to buy before the lockdown began, and as businesses we were concerned about what would be open or operational.

Fast forward nearly four weeks, and as we have settled into the new normal, there are still questions consumers have about the retail sector, but of a very different nature.

With the Government’s recent announcement about the detail of Alert Level 3, we have learned that retailers are permitted to sell online. It’s now a good time to think about updating your website messaging and about tone of voice to adapt to these changes, if and when they take effect.  This is your opportunity to provide reassurance and answer four key questions your customers want to know when they arrive on your ecommerce website.

What your customers want to know when shopping online at Alert Level 3:

  1. Are you currently trading online?

Whether you have a long-standing ecommerce site, have recently just set one up, or are just taking phone orders, create a large readable banner for your homepage that makes it clear that you can now take orders.

Shout it from the rooftops, let everyone know via your social media channels.

  1. Can I click and collect?

Be clear, tell your customers how click and collect will work. Outline what extra steps you will take to ensure the safety of the customer and your employees. If possible, include this information in your email confirmations to customers as well.

  1. How long will delivery take?

Speak to your courier service and get a timeframe on deliveries. If you’re selling a limited product range, expect deliveries to take longer than usual, and make sure to update your website to reflect changes to expected delivery times if necessary.

Remind your customers that deliveries will be completed in a contactless way. Keep your communication up with your customers via email. ie Your order is on the way!

  1. How can I return items?

You want to make sure that it is simple for your customers to return items purchased during Alert Level 3, so have a think about how you will manage this and clearly outline the process on your website. It may be worth reviewing your return policy to take account for longer delivery times, cash refunds instead of store credit or something similar that will keep your customers happy.


When you update your website with this information, go back to marketing basics. Make sure you clearly identify who your customer is and what tone of voice represent your brand. Take a moment to consider how you want your customer to feel once they have read your message. It doesn’t have to be a robotic and formal message, adopt a tone of voice that is line with the rest of your brand.

Show your customers kindness and empathy, and let this shine through in the message you have on your website, it’s a good way to keep loyal customers coming back.

Manaaki nailed this with this heartfelt message on their homepage, speaking with empathy and understanding their pain points and what they can do to help their customers.

Want to know how get your online shop started? We’ve got upcoming webinar “Getting Started with Shopify” to show you how to get your ecommerce set up. Register here: https://bit.ly/34FOYqu

By Kajal Lallu
Retail NZ

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