Our new advice expert: Olly Boyd

G’day, I’m Olly Boyd, (only my Nana calls me Oliver) the new Business Advisor here at Retail NZ. Working alongside Ashleigh, you’ll find me the go-to-guy for HR support either over the phone or email.

I come from a background at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. I quickly developed a keenness for employment law and became pretty handy with the technical stuff and compliance with legislation.

I have always been fond of the retail sector and through dealing with many issues the industry faces within the public sector –  I realised that I could really be of assistance to employers within that industry. I have a degree in Criminology and Anthropology which has given me the tools I need to engage with anyone and everyone, from all walks of life.


I am hugely passionate about giving a voice to small businesses in New Zealand, whilst still making sure that the big dogs stay at the top of the game; I look forward to assisting in growing the retail industry and tackling any challenges head on.

Outside of work you’ll find me battling on rugby field, diving for paua and crayfish or sharing a beer (or 12) with my family and friends. I am also a closeted film geek and have a strong interest in music.


Your can contact Olly with your business and HR queries on 0800 472 472 or email advice@retail.kiwi

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