Spring is here, a time of change and the Labour Day holiday…


The season is here but the weather is still changeable! Spring is a time of change and precedes summer when the Christmas time period is hectic for retailers.

There are 11 Public Holidays also known as Statutory /Stat holidays under the Holidays Act and the next preceding the Christmas rush is Statutory in October- Labour Day. All employees are entitled to public holiday benefits whether they are casual, fixed-term, part-time or full-time. Public holidays are in addition to annual holidays and there’s no minimum period of time an employee has to be employed to get public holiday benefits.

What an employee is entitled to for a public holiday depends on whether or not they actually work on the holiday (or the day the public holiday has been transferred to), and whether or not it would normally be a working day (otherwise working day) for them (i.e. if it wasn’t a public holiday).

An employee can only be made to work on a public holiday if it falls on a day that they would have otherwise worked on, and their employment agreement says they have to work on the public holiday.

In all other circumstances, an employee only works on a public holiday if they agree to.

It is essential that you keep accurate leave records for your staff, and pay them either time and a half if not normally working that day or time and a half and a day in lieu if it’s a day they normally work.

So spring is the season to commit yourself to change and reap all the benefits of a new payroll system for summer, the time when most staff take leave and there’s public holidays to calculate.

iPayroll was established in 2001 as New Zealand’s premier Cloud based (Internet) payroll service specifically designed for small to medium NZ based businesses with only a few employees up to several hundred.

As New Zealand’s largest IRD listed online PAYE Intermediary they process upwards of $3.5 billion of 5000 customers’ payrolls every year.Easy to use, proven and trusted.

It keeps records, manages leave, pays staff and manages and pays the PAYE. Employees have their own Kiosk to view pay history, their tax summary and donate using iPayroll giving. They can apply for leave and enter their Time sheets online.

With seamless integration to Xero and friendly knowledgeable help team iPayroll makes it easy to change.

By, Elaine Kirk, National Sales Manager, iPayroll 

www.ipayroll.co.nz or sales@ipayroll.co.nz or call Elaine Kirk on 04 4722997

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