Spring Into Spring


Welcome to September and the start of spring! It’s great to see the days getting longer and know that daylight saving will be starting at the end of the month.

The big news for us recently has been the passing of the Shop Trading Hours Amendment Bill, which we have been lobbying Parliament for some time about.  The legislation will allow stores to open on Easter Sunday, should they choose to do so – but only once local councils have adopted a policy that trading in their districts should be permitted. It will be up to Councils to consider whether to put a shop trading hours policy in place. I am all for businesses to be able to make their own decisions about their trading hours, and suggest you get in touch with your local council to get them to put a shop trading hours policy in place.

Our second quarter Retail Radar survey report is available now.  The results were very encouraging.  75 per cent of you told us that you met or exceeded sales targets over the quarter, and even more expect to continue to do so over the next three months. The delayed start to winter favoured some retailers. However, online retailers based in New Zealand continue to face different tax laws to offshore e-tailers, which sees them facing a real inequality.  Retail Trade Survey results for the second quarter of 2016 were also strong.

This month in Talking Shop we have a feature on Health and Safety and the First Aid Requirements for Retail.  All workplaces have to take all practicable steps to provide first aid facilities and to have procedures for dealing with emergencies. One way to identify your businesses first aid needs is to complete a Needs Assessment, which will give you direction about what you require.  We have a template available that you can request through our website.

Also in this month’s Talking Shop we have articles on Ransomware, the high cost of Payments in New Zealand and an update on children’s nightwear standards and labelling requirements, so please check it out when you can.

Wishing you successful spring trading.



Scott Fisher

Acting CEO

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